AUGUST 1st 2010

Friday, December 14, 2007

steroids in baseball?!!

oh come on now! say it aint so! whats next? ice dancing?
remember kids hypocrisy is the greatest luxury. steroids are bad! but if you take them we will pay you lots of money so just dont get caught! oh and dog fighting isnt really nice either so you might want to take a pass on that! ok got it?

Duffman loves a party!

The campmor h2h race series party is on the schedule! so get on over to bikereg and get signed up, shine up your party shoes and pick up your leisure suit from the cleaners cause its gonna be all that!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Got a tandem?

how about riding it for 40 miles in the woods? got a friend crazy enough to sit behind you for a few hours? well come on out!
the Darkhorse 40 will feature a tandem class this year!!! yup thats right come on out and get your tandem on! new open tandem class is up on bikereg. get on it!