AUGUST 1st 2010

Friday, February 29, 2008

Hammer time!

ok, not that hammer!
hammer nutrition is signed on as the official hydration and gel-ation sponsor for the darkhorse 40! the darkhorse crew has been testing hammer products for a while now and they have met our rigorous standards so we are pleased to be able to hook them up for the 40!
we will be supplying flasks and gel for any racer who wants one as well as HEED drink mix in jugs at all the aid stations. the flasks are an effort to limit the amount of foil packs that need to be retrieved and discarded following the race. although George derives immense pleasure from picking up sticky, half sucked on gel packs that have been embedded in the trail, we always like to do what we can to leave the park cleaner then we found it. so if you like Hammer gel and want to fill a flask for the race you can grab one at registration!

Monday, February 25, 2008

159 Days till the Darkhorse 40!

thats right guys and gals the 40 is right around the corner! well, sort of..........
as winter tries to throw a death blow at your motivation just remember this, the race season looms large on the horizon. fire up the dvd or dvr and get on the trainer! better yet bundle up in all the clothes you have and get out on the road. the trails may be buried in snow and ice but you can always spin the skinny tires on road salt and winter debris caked roads. what more could you ask for! i mean we do live in the northeast and it is supposed to be cold in the winter. it makes you appreciate those sun filled summer days all the more!

so folks get out there and get ready. spring is just waiting to be sprung and summer is around the corner. the next thing you know you will be lining up for the lemans start and trying to answer george's trivia questions!

ride on......brrrrrrrrrrr