AUGUST 1st 2010

Monday, September 21, 2009

2009? dead and buried?

for me? i would have to say yes.
the boys had a great run down in the mountains of Virginia.
they will also be heading out to moab for the 24hrs of debauchery or some little race thing.....
yes bail money has been set aside. whats the moab area code? i should block it from my phone now....

so the 2009 racing season is in the books pretty much for the boys at the horse.
we had the first ever ss-apolooza and that was a smashing success. good times had by all.
we ran a h2h race in the worst conditions i have ever been witness too. it was ugly....
we had a huge turnout for the 4x10 forty, arguably the hardest course yet and obviously the most difficult to score.
we learned some lessons and will be making some changes for 2010.
thats right we will be back. whether i have to hop the mayor up on a few dozen cans of Dale's to get him to commit or not. we will be back!

so stay tuned kiddo's! same bat time same bat channel. event dates coming soon and some surprises as well.