AUGUST 1st 2010

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Shotgun start to the 08 season

Shotgun start to the 08 season sponsored by darkhorse cycles!

The wildlife of stewart state forest breathe a collective sigh of relief as the men with their guns leave for the season. However, as is usually the case, they have left behind some souvenirs for the rest of us. Seen the spent shells on the trail or on the roads? Pick up their spent rounds to keep your wheels going round!

Pick up 5 spent shotgun shells, bring them into darkhorse cycles and get yourself a free tube! Yeah that’s right, a free tube just for picking up a couple of shells!

So stuff your pockets and spare your wallet to kick off the 08 season!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy new year!

happy new year to all and happy post holidays to all! i hope that your holidays found you all happy,healthy and well and that santa or Hanukkah harry brought you all the little bike toys your hearts desired!
2007 has come and gone and we have survived another year as race promoters and "racers"!
it's hard to think that we have 5 darkhorse 40's under our belts. it doesnt seem that long ago that the 40 was just a vague idea and we wondered if anybody would actually show up.
well 2008 is here and the gears are in motion. george has been in the woods cooking up new schemes for the 40. we are into the h2h series with the Darkhorse Gallop and the NY series is a brewing as well. we aren't hosting a race in that series but we will be passing on all the details as they come to us.
keep your eyes and ears peeled as "Darkhorse Racing" has been inking off season contracts with a number of local heavy hitters! be afraid people! new jerseys, new team members, big wheeled bikes and bigger coolers! look for Darkhorse Racing to be flying their flag at an event near you! stop by and say hi, we may look a little strange but we are really only half as strange as we look!