AUGUST 1st 2010

Thursday, May 10, 2007

campmor series kicks off with spring cleaning!

well the 2007 series got under way last weekend with blackbear cyclings race at waywayanda. man was it sweet, great course, great promoter, and a great turnout. check out their website for results and pics from the weekend.
gotta send a shout out to some team darkhorse members who reached the podium! richard and bill in the beginner class! big george himself in sport master old guys! hip hip hooray! dont let them fool ya they just wanted to finish first so they could get back to the cooler!!! cant forget mike rave who was just a few seconds off the podium in forth! an awesome weekend for the darkhorse crew!

the stewart singletrack challenge is rapidly approaching! george is wandering the singletrack at stewart to come up with an epic course for this year. we strive to keep it fresh and challenging and no doubt this year wont disappoint. we will have more info up on the darkhorse website soon and dont hesitate to contact us with questions.

prep continues on the 40! we are coming up with some great surprises for the 5th annual running!

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