AUGUST 1st 2010

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Hangover....

so the sun has risen on the day after.........and what a day it was. the 40 has come and gone in its 5th year. wow, and a big sigh of relief. its a tremendous undertaking every year but we keep coming back for more. it sometimes takes a little more encouragement, read many many pints, to get george back on the horse but he eventually comes around. the main reason being the racers! you guys rock. all the compliments yesterday did not go unheard. thats why we do it. our motto has always been so long as everybody has a good time and nobody gets hurt we're happy. well we had one visit from the "bus" for a collarbone meets rock incident but other than the normal bumps, bruises, scrapes, and bonks i think most escaped physically unscathed. now mentally.....well who am i to judge.

we need to send a huge shout out to all our volunteers! these guys and gals give up a lot of there free time to help us by doing all sorts of everything and a lot of it not very glamorous. from helping mark, clear, and even craft some of the trails to picking up trash these guys and gals give 110% and ask for nothing in return. if it weren't for them there would be no 40.
big props go out to the apron gang who cooked your chicken, made all the salads and even passed around a few "mega-rita's"! these guys literally slaved over the hot coals all day to get the racers and spectators fed. good work boys! we are currently re-negotiating their contract but i think we can hash out the details for 08!

special thanks to the emt's as well! these guys and gals are there to look after you guys when you have gravitational issues on your 2-wheeled missiles! they don't even complain about getting all up close and personal with a bunch of sweaty, stinky, and muddy racers! they seem to maybe even enjoy it! without them you would have to suffer with the first aid stills of george and myself. these mainly entail applying liberal amounts of alcohol, internally, and then worrying about whatever may be sticking out of your skin later!

last but not least thanks to all the racers who came out and gave it hell! whether you finished in under 3 hrs on a 1 speed bike (tim! holy moly your one fast crustacean toting dude!) or over 6 hrs you rock!

thanks for coming out guys and stay tuned for more darkhorse info!

remember to continue to support the hudson 2 highlands series! we will be there. if you see 2 guys on 1 speed bikes suffering like dogs say hi and remind us that it will be over soon and point us in the direction of the cooler!


douglas said...

The DH40 was my favorite race of the year, see ya next year!

LANYC said...

Great Race! Very well organized and marked (THANKS). I'm a road racer, and this was my first MTB race. Really fun day getting all mudded up. (Chicken was excellent too!) Count me in for next year!

Skidz Marks said...

Love the DH40. 3rd year trying to break the 4:00 hour mark. Perhaps next time.

kd said...

best race all season (perhaps ever, though I've only been at it since'03). Thanks again...we'll be back!

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