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Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Year, New Post, Same old........

So the holiday season is behind us, 2008 has come and gone and 2009 has moved in and taken up a spot on the couch beer in hand. this can only mean one thing.................
it time to do the paperwork! yeah that's right, one of the perks to promoting some of the sweetest races around, besides the bonuses which rival those of wall street bankers(shhh don't tell congress!), is the fact that you get to fill out miles of paperwork! paperwork for norba, paperwork for the state of new york, insurance paperwork. yeah its glamorous, yeah its awesome and you know you are jealous!

so all, or most, of the paperwork is in. that means that our dates are firm and just pending approval from the dark lords at the nydec. usa cycling has the 400,000 appropriate forms, blood samples, hair samples, eye of newt, and bag of gold. since the economy is in the tank they are forcing us to pay in hard currency! i offered titanium but they said halliburton cornered that market and they would only accept gold bricks, silver coins, or wampum. lucky for us George has a stash of gold in his basement!

all the races are up on bikereg and you should sign up now while they still accept the American dollar! we like pre-reg. it helps to quell the fear that we will be the only people who show up for our race!

so here's the 411

singlespeedapolooza is May 31st!

campmor H2H race #3, the darkhorse gallop is June 21st

the 7th annual darkhorse 40 is august 16th!

this is as far as i know the first singlespeed only race in NY/NJ. this will be a unique event and a must do for the season. laid back atmosphere, unique prizes, beer, a super fun course, pint glasses, beer, sweet stewart singletrack, great competition, get the point!
come on out for this. if anything its a great excuse to convert or build a singlespeed bike! "but honey, its for singlespeedapolooza", "oh ok then dear, build up that titanium single speed!"

Darkhorse Gallop
we are back in the H2H race series! Race number 3. the h2h is a great series. awesome venues, top notch promoters, great competition. if you haven't been to one of these races you should come to ours! its the best! i mean its great just like all the other except better........

Darkhorse 40
want to dip your toes into endurance racing? want a friendly atmosphere, fast flowy course, great prizes, hidden preems, a bitchen BBQ, kegs of beer, and that old school mountain bike race atmosphere? you NEED to come to the 40! it really has become a must do event in the area!

so there's a little unbiased info about our events. we hope to see you out there in the spring.
as always if you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

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