AUGUST 1st 2010

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Singlespeedapolooza is right around the corner!

ok folks. ss-polooza is right around the corner. strip off those gears and shine up your rigs cause its gonna be on like donkey kong!

we have a few updates so check it out....

we will now be running 2 10mile laps. we have another group that uses the park and they have an event planned for the same day. so being diplomatic statesmen we were able to come down with a compromise that keeps everybody happy.

the good news about this is it will provide us with a spot to place a "support" tent. you know so you can "refuel"!

check the post below for the cool graphics which will grace your pint glass. sweet eh!!

keep checking back as we get closer. we have set "el hefe" George loose in the spring woods to come up with a course that will make your cranks grind and your thrist rise!

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