AUGUST 1st 2010

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Everything you want to know about Singlespeed-a-polooza but were afraid to ask

ok folks. the great day approaches. many have registered, some are still holding out. GET ON IT PEOPLE! you need to be there. this is the first annual and you never know what could happen. when they turn it into a made for tv movie they will surely leave out all the nasty bits so be there to see it for yourself!!
couple thing yuo may want to know....

1. you can camp in stewart. but you will be on your own. if we are in there working on saturday the gate might be open. otherwise you will have to park in the lot and ride in with your gear. there are no running water facilities. we will have port-o-jons there for the race but you will need to pack in your water. no open fires! camp stoves are ok.

2. alcohol is permittted as it is a state forest. you of course must be 21! the park rangers are nice guys and we like them. we have a good relationship with them. if it comes down to you or them well we will choose them and they have the final say. use a little common sense and we can all have a lot of fun. that said we will have a bunch of beer. will it be enough? maybe? maybe you should bring some too? that way when the kegs are dry you can bust out your cooler and offer a cold beer to the promoters! that would be COOL!

3. we have split up the sport mens category. it will be New York and North and Jersey and South. it will be based on your registration address. i dont care if your mom's cousin's aunt's sister's cat's next door neighbor is from kentucky. if you get your mail in conneticut, well thats where your from. and if you are to ashamed to say you live in jersey. well its better than canada... all other categories remain the same.

4. we are not starting in the usual place.

5. no you will not be climbing the gravel hill

6. yes the gear that you have on your bike is perfect

7. the course is 2 10 mile laps. there will be a table at the entrance to "major mike", basicly the start of lap 2. we will have jugs of water and HEED. we will also have a KEG there. if these are not you optimum fueling choices you may drop what you need there. please keep it neat and out of the way.

8. all categories 1st thru 3rd place will receive sweet handmade tropies. in the larger categories we will go deeper than 3 with prizes of our discrestion. don't worry its cool stuff!!!

9. there will be hidden PREEM cards out on the course. they will be numbered. if you collect one, and please take only one, you will need to redeem it at the awards ceremony for your prize. many of these prizes will be CASH!!

10. we want this to be a fun event. bunch of like minded weirdo's riding really fast, or not, thru the woods. use some common sense. if you are about to do something that sucks or might make someone else's day suck, please don't!! if you feel the need to cheat, cut the course, are sucking. we may not catch you but you will always know that you sucked!! don't be that guy/gal. cool?

11. packet pick up opens at 6:30 and closes at 8:30. race starts promptly at 9:00am!

12. with your race number you will get a raffle ticket. we will draw at the awards ceremony for a 29'r wheelset!! wtb laserdisc lite hubs laced to stans arch rims!! you must be present to win.

i'm sure there are other things and i may add to this post later, or maybe not.

hope to see you all on sunday!!


Guillaume said...

Awesome event. Great course, prizes, and most of all FREE BEER. Had a blast, will definitely be back next year. Oh, and thanks for posting the results so quickly, too!

steveyo said...

Thanks for the really fun race. I'll definitely be back next year, and I'll try to get a few more unicyclists to race, too!