AUGUST 1st 2010

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The 2009 Darkhorse 40 nears..........

Duffman has some Darkhorse 40 updates for ya!

1. this years race is August 16th

2. this years race is PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY!!!!!!
there will be no day of registration!!
registration closes Wednesday August 12th!

3. we are capping registration at 400 riders
we want to continue to make the 40 a quality event and don't want to sacrifice quality for

4. registration is open on BIKEREG

5. all the same great features of the 40 return!
t-shirt and BBQ for all entrants
kegs of fine adult refreshment!
cooler full of icepops!
fully stocked aid stations
great singletrack course!!
hidden preem cards for great prizes!


Chris Wurster said...

I hear Sixpac Shakur will be racing in the event this year, can you confirm?

Darkhorse Cycles said...

only if he survives the gallop! its tough to navigate the course with all those bags of sand on his back!

Chris Wurster said...

the only thing harder is watching a guppy navigate around the course with gills flapping for oxygen, eyes bulging looking for doughnuts and beer!