AUGUST 1st 2010

Friday, July 10, 2009

Top reasons why the 7th annual Darkhorse 40 will rule the universe!!!

1.August weather rocks!(fingers crossed) after a great ss race in May on some stellar singletrack the gods of thunder decided to water the lawn at stewart for 24 days in June!! so all that sweet singletrack was a bit "submerged!" but don't fret! we are calling in some favors and crossing our fingers for super sweet summer singletrack goodness!!

2.Harpoon you like? no not the implements of whale death, the fine craft beer from Beantown. thru a bizzarre 12 degrees of seperation we have hooked up with the good people at Harpoon brewing and we will be providing frosty cold Harpoon beverages to wash away that singletrack thirst!

3. singletrack? same great 40 course returns! back by popular demand. after a few years of shifting and swapping and swooping the consensus is that we have it dialed. barring any more acts of weather related calamity the same sweet 40 course returns!!

4. need a economic stimulus? are you a pro or cat 1 racer? well win the pro category and go home 300 richer!! win your expert category and go home 200 richer!!! yes american dollars! big payouts deep into the classes! come on out, go fast and get paid! hoorah!

5. t-shirt, BBQ, great medals, swag? yup, all back again! all included in your entry fee!

6. hidden preems? yup they are back! look for the numbered index cards hidden along the trails. collect one and bring it to the awards ceremony for cool cool prizes including more american dollars!!!!!!!!!!

7. great vibe! chill festival atmospehere! come out and race or come on out and challenge yourself just to finish the 40 miles. or team up with a guy or gal pal and do it team style! but most of all come on out and have fun!!!!

8. 3 fully stocked aid stations on the course. water, heed, banana's, cookies, etc..... keeping you topped off on fluids and food for your 40 mile adventure!

hmmm, so lets see...... great singletrack, sweet t-shirts, and big ass free chicken BBQ, FREE HARPOON BEER, cash money, great prizes, fun festival atmospere, man where do i sign up?

RIGHT HERE!!!!!! and do it now! DO IT NOW!!! PRE-REG ONLY this year! yup no day of registration!!!

come on, you know you want to! all the cool kids are doing it! here kids, sign up and ride you'll be back for more!!!!!


Chris Wurster said...

You forgot reason #9 Hawaiian Mike as Emcee and #10 The Mayor running the kegs!!!!!

Darkhorse Cycles said...

those are given's! just icing on the cake!

tarsey said...

What is the total evevation climed, is there anywhere I can get a gps file?