AUGUST 1st 2010

Thursday, January 5, 2012


holy crap! 2012...really...
so we have like 12 more months till the apocolypse! yikes, and bummer...i guess...
well looks like we better make some great bike race while we still can.
yeah its finally a little cold out and you probably aren't thinking about racing bikes yet but you should be. you slackers! get on the rollers and get some suffering in!
before you know it hardman season will be upon us. cobbled roads, rain, belguim, frites, and.......for those of us on this side of the pond Singlespeed-a-polooza! lose the gears, harden the F up and get ready... its coming soon.
4th annual, who would have thunk it. seemed like such a ridiculous idea and well, it still is a little ridiculous......

after that well its time to prepare for the real deal...... the 10th Annual Darkhorse 40!
holy smokes, yeah its been 10 years. we got some special stuff up our sleeve for this year. don't ask what cause we ain't telling! its gonna be super sweet uber awesomeness and all that and then me!

so check back often, call the shop and harass the boys, or search the interwebs, the answer is out there. when you find it you will know....or maybe you won't but either way it will kill some time till race season!


New East Coast Syndicate said...

Oh yeah and don't forget to bring beer when you come by or take the wrath of the Mayor!

Paul323 said...

Are you guys going to have a waitlist, I completely missed the signup

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Check Ebay

EXCLR8 said...

the registration has not opened yet, correct?
or is it already filled?