AUGUST 1st 2010

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Darkhorse 40 updates

July is upon us! seems like we just finished up SSAP.
the waitlist has been closed now for a while. registrations are locked and loaded. numbers have been assigned and all the paperwork is in order. if you have to cancel at this point we can't do much for ya. sorry about that. again thanks for registering early and supporting our event!!

we have got a lot of cool stuff coming your way this year. same great stuff as in years past but with a little extra spin for the 10th annual! can't believe we are on number 10.

the course will most likely be the same as last year barring any kind of trail damage we need to avoid. the Darkhorse crew will be hard at work for the next month ensuring that the trails are clean and in excellent riding order come race day. if you see us out working stop and say hi.

i will post up a  map and GPS file soon.

thats all for now. more info soon!!

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