AUGUST 1st 2010

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

welcome to the jungle!

"your in the jungle baby!" ah and yes we were this sunday and what a jungle it was! man what a sweet day! great weather, great event and some great new trails. its really nice to see a new venue opening up in the area. lots of high quality work went in to those trails and it showed. good technical sigletrack, tight and twisty with a little bit of rocks thrown in for extra flavor!
team darkhorse was out in force and showed they were ready for a throw down! the rave master dominated the sport 30-39'rs despite a few over the bar incidents and a rock drop that sent him into orbit. podiums spots were also grabbed up like ice cold ales by bob swart and georgie boy himself! the sport ss cat was heavy with darkhorse jerseys and at one point we had quite the paceline workin! good old fashion team tactics up the climb!
all in all a great day! thanks go out to the guys at town cycle, jorba, and all the volunteers who put blood and sweat into making those trails! a+ boys and girls!

now get your legs back and head on up to lagrangeville this weekend for the tymor challenge! rumor has it tim has been living in the woods, cutting new trails and refining the course to make it the best one yet!

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