AUGUST 1st 2010

Thursday, October 4, 2007

tymor(e) or less

tymor park tied one on this weekend to host the penultimate race in the hudson to highlands series. i unfortunately was unable to attend. life just gets in the way sometimes and to be honest the opportunity presented itself to be able to go on saturday and i passes it over with flying colors! just didnt have the motivation, the miles in my legs, or the confidence. a relaxing sunday at home with the fam sounded good to me.
team darkhorse stepped out in force once again and grabbed podium spots like sailors on shore leave!
mikey rave, the flying scotsman, grabbed up a 2nd place to help solidify his lead in the 30-39 sport class. hey mike i hear a train a comin' and its name is EXPERT class!
bobby swart stomped his way to the 3rd spot on the 40-49 podium edging out the infamous roger racer!
in the 50+, captain kegerator himself, georgie "sunshine pils" zubalsky nabbed another 3rd place! hey george looks like you may be hitchin a ride on the expert express as well!!!!
man i better get myself some legs soon, it might start getting lonely in the sport class with a good portion of team darkhorse facing possible expulsion into expert.

well one week to prep for the finals at ringwood. rumor has it the course is sweet.

see ya all at the finals!


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