AUGUST 1st 2010

Friday, July 25, 2008

DH40 course map!

alright folks here it is for your viewing pleasure! the darkhorse 40 race course for 08!

we have a few changes in store for you guys. the start and finish will be in the same location this year. you will start down on weed road in the standard location and you will finish in the same spot. you will not be climbing the gravel road up to the finish! we have routed you thru the single track instead!! hooray!
the location of 2 of the aid stations will be slightly different. there will be an aid station at the entrance to major mike(food 1 on map). this is on top of the gravel road just after you exit the orchard trail. the aid station at beaver pond(food 3 on map), which you will pass twice, will be in the same spot. the other aid station(food 2 on map) moves slightly, it will be at the intersection of new rd just after muskrat as you enter pine root trail.

we have sent one of our top trail gurus out and he has placed mile markers on the trail. they are yellow surveyor stacks with numbers on them. there are also markers to designate the food stop locations.

so have at it boys and girls. we will be in there this weekend marking the course so if you see us say hi!