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Friday, July 25, 2008

Some things you might not know about the 40, or some answers to FAQ

the race starts promptly at 9:00am for all classes! registration opens at 6:30 and closes at 8:30. please plan accordingly. remember you can pre-reg on bike reg and save $10! that way all you have to do is pick up your packet and head to the starting line!

1- george and i are not nearly competent enough to pull this off on our own! no, thats right we require way to much adult supervision to keep us in check. so we rely heavily on our dedicated crew of volunteers. these guys and gals come out and help us in so many ways. from cleaning trails, weedwacking grassy sections, cleaning the brush from the roads, set-up, scoring, registration, cooking, etc.... i could go on. basicly if we didnt have these guys and gals this whole thing would devolve into george and i alone in the woods argueing over who gets the last beer from the cooler. believe me, it wouldnt be pretty! i've been there!

2-the racers make this the event that it is. and not just the racers but the spectators as well. you guys come out and support our crazy event and for that we thank you. but you also come out with great attitudes and a killer vibe! we love it and feed off it. its what makes all the hard work worth it! thanks!!!!

3-camping. stewart is actually a state forest, not a state park, and as such you can pretty much camp where you like. however, there are no provisions for it. so, no open fires, no water or facility's barring a porta-jon here and there. now of course on race weekend we have a plethora of portajons so that isnt an issue. we get lots of calls about camping and some people have camped in the past. one year we even had a couple of fine young lady's come out and camp, get us coffee in the am, race and then help us break down the tents and make sure that the coolers were nice and lite for the ride home!!! here's to ya girls!! so if you want to camp let us know and we can hook you up with a good spot.

4-chicken bbq. yeah we tried a few other food options in the past but the chicken bbq was just so way over the top that we had to stick to it. heres to our chefs! these guys do a heck of a job making sure that you guys and gals get to eat some delicious free range, locally farmed, umm uum good bbq bird! yum!

5-beer. being that stewart is a state forest, not a state park, you are free to have and consume adult beverages. that being said, if the ranger thinks your under 21 they can and will ask for id. of course we ask that you act responsibly, well at least as responsibly as you can! listen, we have beer. its for everybody, it will run out. be nice, be considerate, be responsible, and have a good time.

6-norba. this is a non norba event. you do not need a license. that being said all norba rules apply! race accordingly folks. be considerate on the trails, race fair and of course have fun.

7-aid stations. there are 3 aid staions on course. these will be stocked with water, heed, hammer gel, bannanas, maybe some cookies and a few other things. they are manned by volunteers. they will be there to help you as much as they can. we do not offer drop bags. if you wish to leave something at an aid station it is your responsibilty to get it there and get it after. aid stations may or may not, depending on who is manning them have the following, tools, tubes, tequila, etc. we suggest you bring your own. it you think you might need something special. bring it!

8-preem cards. there will be a number of florescent index cards hung from trees in the woods. these cards will be numbered. you can redeem ONE card per person at the awards ceremony for a prize! please be considerate and let everybody have a fair shot at them. there is no special prize for collecting them all!

9-directions. the easiest thing to do is put 1 new rd, rock tavern ny into a map program, google maps or mapquest. it will take you right to the parking lot and main access rd.

so thats a few that we get asked from time to time. as i think of more i will post them up. if you have a question just shout it out to us and we will be happy to answer it!

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