AUGUST 1st 2010

Friday, July 18, 2008


no not that kind!!!
this kind!

alright heres the deal. we hate these wrappers! whatever brand they are. they get discarded on the trail and they are nasty! they make a mess of the trails and quite frankly are just gross to clean up. i equate leaving gel wrappers on the trail to leaving miller lite cans scattered in the grass in front of your trailer!
so this is what we are doing. when you pick up your number plate for the 40 you will be given a bag. this bag will contain one of these....
we will have jugs of hammer gel for your consumption. feel free to fill up with the delicious flavor of your choice or put whatever gel you brought into the flask. the flask is obviously yours to keep, you think we would want those nasty things back? ick! the aid stations out on course will be stocked with hammer gel as well so feel free to top off or refill when you need.

see thats easy, no nasty wrappers out on the trail!

now, if you choose to disobey the gel flask mandate and take wrapped gel on course and should you discard these wrappers on course, well hell hath no fury like a george who has picked up a sticky wrapper!!! you have been warned!

thanks for your cooperation!


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